Best Places for Coffee Lovers

    Coffee Lovrs best places

    Here are the Top Best Places for coffee lovers:

    Are you passionate about espresso, full-bodied infusions and arabica beans? Here are 12 cities in the world that will allow you to drink multiple tasty cups of hot coffee!

    1. Havana, Cuba

    havana cuba

    The richness of its soil, its ideal climate and the meticulous workmanship of its workforce have made Cuba stand out on the world stage for its quality products. Coffee is steeped in Cuban customs, especially in Havana, where coffee is part of social life. A Cubano coffee (an espresso with brown sugar) or a cortadito (an espresso with milk) are waiting for you!


    2.Seattle, United States


    If Seattle is the city that gave birth to the giant Starbucks, it also has a wide variety of authentic little cafes. The shops range from industrial chic to artistic hipster and bike baristas. In short, Seattle will appeal to coffee lovers who love small craft businesses, but also the big chains!


    3.Istanbul, Turkey


    istanbul turkey

    Turkish coffee, a rich and dark infusion, is famous worldwide. Their technique (grinding the grains into a fine powder, then boiling them with or without sugar in a cezve) is just as original as their drink. Istanbul is full of cafes with outdoor terraces and views of the beautiful Bosphorus Strait.


    4.Reykjavik, Iceland

    As surprising as it may seem, Icelanders are big fans of coffee. While traveling on the island you will realize that this people drinks all day, in addition to talking about it often. We offer coffee in banks, at the pool and even in supermarkets. The streets of Reykjavik are populated by cozy cafes that make you forget the cold mordant outside.



    5.Melbourne, Australia

    The Melbournais love the coffee they hold each year at the Melbourne International Coffee Expo, and they have their own caffeinated media, the Melbourne Coffee Review. Of course, this city of “Down Under” also has a multitude of cafes with varied influences. The essentials: a large latte or any coffee well accompanied by milk.



    6.Vienna, Austria

    In terms of coffee, Vienna is a very big player: its coffees are registered intangible heritage of UNESCO since 2011. These places are characterized by their warm atmosphere, their cozy decoration and their famous pastries. Viennese are particularly fond of cappuccinos and espressos, but also of the very local Wiener Melange (an espresso served in a large cup and topped with milk froth).


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